Stove User Guide

The rocket stove is a simple-to-use stove that is the product of 25 years of stove research. By following a few simple steps you will be able to cook your food with less smoke and less wood.

Start the stove by putting paper and very small twigs down the stove chimney. Once the fire has caught, you can begin to push small twigs into the lower entrance.

For optimal performance, wood should be fed into the combustion chamber as often as possible, once a good bed of coals has been established, the fire needs less tending. The rocket stove will burn larger pieces, but it is always preferable to use twigs or small pieces of wood less than 2 cm thick. Periodically push the wood into the fire.

Only a small amount of wood is necessary for a hot effective fire. Do not over load the stove by pushing too much wood too far into the fire and produce incomplete combustion and smoke. Heat is generated at the tips of the wood.

The shelf of the stove should always be used. Some users are tempted to remove the shelf to allow more wood in the stove entrance. This is not effective or necessary. The shelf is the single most important component for the effective functioning of the stove. It should be removed to ease the task of cleaning.

Clean the coals and ashes out of the combustion chamber after each firing. A buildup of coals will choke the stove and will degrade the stove liner. Do not allow the stove to become filled with coals or ashes. Excess coals can be removed and used later as charcoal. If you are producing an excess amount of coals, it means that you are putting too much wood, too quickly, into the combustion chamber and creating incomplete combustion.